Wir realisieren kleine und große Projekte und helfen Euch bei der Umsetzung Eurer Ideen. Bei Shootings in Deutschland stehen wir in der Regel als alleiniger Partner an Ihrer Seite, bei Projekten im 

Ausland kooperieren wir mit lokalen Producern aus unserem Netz-werk für bestmögliche Effizienz. Nachfolgend ein paar Projekt-Eindrücke aus den Bereichen Mode und Automobil...

We realize small and large projects and help you to implement your ideas. For shootings in Germany we are usually your sole partner, for projects abroad we cooperate with local producers from our network for the best possible efficiency. Here are a few project impressions from the fashion and automotive sectors... 




  • AUTÓDROMO Internacional do Algarve (Portugal)
  • BANRAP GmbH (Germany)
  • BMW 6er (Northern Spain)
  • C&A
  • CANON Cameras (The Caribbean)
  • FORD Mondeo+Focus ST (Canary Islands)
  • GROLMAN GROUP (Germany)
  • HONDA Civic (Netherlands), HONDA Jazz (Germany, Spain), 
  • HONDA CRV (Germany, Spain)
  • HANKOOK Tires (Chile)
  • KEMPER Kommunikation GmbH (Frankfurt)
  • MANOR AG Swiss (Thailand, South Africa)
  • MERCEDES ML (New Zealand) 
  • Mercedes SLR McLAREN + 722 (France)
  • MGM Models GmbH
  • MINI Clubman & Countryman (Australia & New Zealand)
  • MITSUBISHI Colt (Germany)
  • OPEL Astra+Vectra OPC (Sevilla), OPEL SPEEDSTER I + II (Iceland, Tenerife), 
  • OPEL Vivaro (Valencia), Opel Zafira (Sevilla, Germany)
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS & STUDIOS: Frederic Auerbach, Michael Berger, Bersa, Oscar Falk, Studio Penkwitt, Planeroad Studios, Ulrich Pracht, Martijn Oort, Stephan Romer, ORENDT Studios, ZVEISTUDIOS, koslowskiphoto, and many more...
  • PORSCHE 911 CARRERA (Typ 996, 997, 991) (Coupé, Cabrio, C4, Targa, GT3, GT3/RS, GT3/RS 4.0, GTS), (Canary Islands, Chile, Spain, New Zealand  Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Austria)
  • PORSCHE BOXSTER/CAYMAN (Typ 986, 987, 718) (South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Norway)
  • PORSCHE CAYENNE (Typ I Facelift, E2, E3) (Diesel, S, Hybrid, GTS, Turbo, Turbo S), (USA, Italy, Chile, China, Qatar, Spain, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, South Africa)
  • PORSCHE MACAN (all models) (USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand)
  • PORSCHE Modelle/Range (Bolivia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Italy, Austria, Denmark)
  • PORSCHE CONNECT (China, Australia, Portugal)
  • PORSCHE E-PERFORMANCE (China, Denmark, Australia)
  • PORSCHE TAYCAN (Roadtrip Andalusia)
  • PORSCHE TEQUIPMENT (Austria, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany)
  • SACHSEN-Sail (Portugal, France, Spain)
  • S3 Advertising (Düsseldorf)
  • TOYOTA Venza (Quebec), TOYOTA Corolla (Kalifornien)
  • UDG United Digital Group (various projects in Sicily, Los Angeles, Singapore, Barcelona and Andalusia)
  • VW Caddy (France), VW Golf R32 (Germany), VW UNITED Range (Germany), 
  • VW TRANSPORTER Range (Germany)
  • ZERRES GmbH & Co. KG (Germany, Spain)
  • and others...